Amardeep Goat Baby Pillow, Gray

Amardeep Goat Baby Pillow, Gray
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Product Features

  • Use these pillows to ensure the correct posture of your baby’s neck
  • No plastic buttons used for eyes and nose of the character keeping in mind your babies delicate skin
  • For a cosy peaceful and comfortable sleep
  • Specifically designed for babies to keep their heads straight while napping
  • Perfectly sized for little heads with soft texture and cheerful colours

Product Description

This pillow’s cosiness, warmth and comfort will make your little one feel safe and relaxed. They will want to take it everywhere with them and will look forward to have a restful sleep or nap. Unique design and style for babies yet soft and comfortable to use. Developed to provide gentle support for baby’s head and natural head movements as babies can regurgitate while sleeping and these baby pillows helps to elevate their head. Eyes, nose of the characters are not made of plastic buttons to ensure the safety of your baby in every way possible. So bring home the collection of Amardeep baby pillows for your child’s comfort and add glam and decor to your babies room.

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