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The story of Colonel Sanders (Founder of KFC Restaurants)

At 65 years old he got retired. On the first day of his retirement he received a check from the government for a 105 dollars.  How could he survive with $105 monthly budget at such an old age. Feeling like a total failure. He decided to commit a suicide. He sat under a tree writing his suicide letter and will. Then all of a sudden he thought of writing instead. What he would have accomplished. Had he have the choice to start his life all over. He reliazed there was so much he hadn’t done yet. One thing he reliazed that he could that no one else. Actually he could do better than everyone else. That’s cooking chicken.

A name with remarkable presence in the hearts of hundreds and thousands of chicken lovers doesn’t need any introduction. Even if you don’t have a love for chicken. Colonel Sanders is the man who has been an excellent example of persistence, commitment and determination, the founder of the most loved chicken brand KFC.

Cooking the best chicken anyone had every tasted. He borrowed $87 to buy a fryer and his recipe ingredients. He lived for Unique fried chicken. Trying to sell it door-to-door for neighbors in Kentucky. As well as trying to license it to restaurants. He was rejected yet again for 1009 times from the restaurants for . 1010th gave him a yes moment. In 1988, He’s billionaire and KFC is the second biggest food empire which has over 20000 locations in 23 countries.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, more popularly known by its initials KFC, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. KFC offers you a powerful brand that has shown economic stability over … KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in our famous Original Recipe® fried chicken.

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